• Benefits

    Increase blood flow, reduces muscle sorness and decrease the stress hormones cortisol

  • Heat modes

    Multiple settings that heat up in 3-5 seconds

  • Vibrating modes

    4 vibrating modes to adjust to your liking

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Pain Free Period

Have the happiest time of the month with a painless period with the Menstrual Relief Belt, due to its quick heating in 3-5 seconds and 4 differnt vibration modes to adjust to your liking.

Any Time, Any Place

Take control of your period with the Menstrual Relief Belt. Due to its light weight desgin and USB charging you can use it wether your relaxing at home, driving or even at work.


Does It Work?

Absolutely! Heat and massage therapies have been shown to drastically decrease muscle sorness. The heat relaxes the muscles of the uterus by promoting increased blood circulation. The vibrations help relaxe muscles as they are stuck mid-contraction. Together these, are extremely effective at reducing abdominal pains, back pain and even neck pain.

How Do I Use The Menstrual Relief Belt?

Strap the belt onto your waist and adjust it for fit. We recommend wearing it above your clothes, but you can go under as well.

Power it on and pick the temperature and vibration levels you would like.

Enjoy sweet, sweet relief!

Can It Help With Bloating?

Sure does! The heat relaxes your abdominal muscles which helps with the overall tightness. Vibrations will also help drain the lymph fluid in
the area to help with total volume. Combined, you have a quick relief
for bloating.

Shipping ?

Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order. Orders are typically delivered within 7-15 days.

Also we provide free shipping world wide.

Contact us at info@Period-Relif.com for more info

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